The Jo Ann Medical Center (JAMC) began its adult cardiac surgical and diagnostic program in 2002.  A development of cardio surgery service in Georgia has created a necessity of developed harmoniously therapeutic and surgical cardiology services in a one area. Exactly that challenge has become a main cause of creation an adult cardiology services at the Jo Ann Medical Center, which gradually included all directions of cardiology. We provide the most advanced cardiac care in the region.  Our unique team approach brings to develop comprehensive, personalized treatment plans that are tailored to each patients needs, requirements and overall well –being.  The Basic principles of the adult cardiology services are:

1.      Patients interests are strictly protected ,  Guaranteed quality and safety of a health care, the outcome of the maximally guaranteed treatment based on statistical surveys;

2.      The Center operates under Western procedures and standards with modern equipment and supplies;

3.      Permanent educations of the doctors and nurses of the Center, Internship programs and qualification improvement at leading clinics and Universities in Europe and U.S.A;

4.      Patient’s full involvement in a treatment process, Full  awareness about  diagnosis and diagnostic plans, treatment procedures taking into consideration all possible risks and complications.


This is practically the only cardiology department in Georgia which is functioning in a line with a modern Western leading clinic’s basic principles:


1.      The lowest rate of mortality and the shortest duration of a stay with inpatient care units;

2.      A simplified control ability of treatment quality for patient’s as well as for insurance companies;

3.      Low indicator of repeated hospitalization as well as  low rate of necessity to outpatient admissions;


The JAMC specialties are involved in the scientific workshops of foreign medical Centers. Center’s medical team are providing with a current and thematic periodic printed publications and internet recourses.

In order to harmonize Georgian medical system with European and Western standards, the physicians of the Center have an active cooperation with the Georgian Cardiologists Unions as well as to various associations.  The Jo Ann medical Center’s adult cardiology department is a state –of –art care facility with highly trained specialties and advanced technology. Patients with unusual and complex medical heart conditions, have direct access to Jo Ann Medical Center’s services, and an experienced team of physicians, nurses and professionals.