The Thoratic Surgery Service at the Jo Ann Medical Center was founded in 2007. The opening of this department is due to the fact that the treatment of patients with a combined cardiovascular and respiratory system diseases is a problematic in a single – profile thoracic hospital. The technical equipment and methodology of our Center makes it possible to perform any reconstructive surgical interventions on the trachea and bronche, on the pulmonary blood vessels, as well as on different types of pulmonary resection.  If necessary, in the conditions of ECMO circulation, this approach greatly increases the possibilities of surgical treatment, especially for newborns and children with a small weight.     

Our team is fully integrated and works together to provide optimal, specialized and individual care. The interdisciplinary approach allows us to identify individual needs and personalize the plan of care.

In our department successfully implemented the following thoracic surgical procedures: Prosthetic heart valves with simultaneous pleurectomy and combined resection, lung malformation, lung arteriovenous shunt, Chest correction and other surgical interventions during the rare pathologies. 

In the future, The Thoracic Surgery Department at the Jo Ann Medical Center is planning   research in implementing a sequential lobe transplantation technique from living donors. This will provide an opportunity to significantly extend and improve the quality of life for patients suffering from congenital pulmonary hypertension, cystic fibrosis and advanced form of emphysema.