The Department of pediatrics at the Jo Ann Medical Center has started functioning since 2018. Children’s developing are distinctly different from adults, especially in the way they are affected by illnesses and injures. The Pediatric department offers a wide range of cutting-edge healthcare for children from birth through 18 years of age.  The JAMC board-certified pediatrician and specially trained pediatric nurses are experienced in providing personalized medical and compassionate care that considers each child’s physical, social and emotional growth. Using the most advanced practices and technology, the extraordinary staff helps little patients feel better during their illness and conquer their fears about diagnostic and treatments.  

Specialized services:

·         The Pediatrician Ambulatory Consulting Service;

·         Constant surveillance on the health and development of Children and Adolescents;

·         Patient’s assessment, examination and treatment in case of illness;

·         Well-coordinated Care;

·         Preoperative preparation of patients with cardiovascular diseases;

·         Educational work with parents to support Children’s healthy nutrition;

·         Educational work with parents about Children and Adolescent’s healthy lifestyle;

·         Planning  an adequate and effective preventive strategies.


For making an appointment to a Doctor please, call on the following number: 0322 22 22 11