The department of Radiology at the Jo Ann Medical Center offers wide variety of diagnostic examinations using with the modern methods. The Center is equipped with the modern Roentgenography as well as Roentgenoscopy equipment, that makes it possible to perform the following procedures:

·         Roentgenoscopy/Roentgenography of a osteoarticular system;

·         Roentgenoscopy/Roentgenography of gastrointestinal tract;

·         X-ray of the skull and paranasal sinuses;

·         Spine Radiography;

·         Hysterosalpingography;

·         Urethrocystography;

·         Extraoral roentgenography;

·         Abdominal ultrasound(hepatobiliary system);

·         Ultrasound of the urogenital system;

·         Ultrasound in obstetrics and gynecology;

·         Thyroid ultrasound;

·         Ultrasound of the soft tissue.