The Division of Gynecology at the Jo Ann Medical Center is functioning since 2018.  The JAMC Gynecology service includes all aspects of routine gynecology care, with a focus of wellness and prevention. The JAMC Gynecological service provides diagnostic and treatment a wide range of gynecological pathologies for patients in every stage of life:

·         Pediatric gynecology;

·         Adult gynecology;

·         Colposcopy;

·         Family planning.


Conditions we treat:


·         Abnormal uterine bleeding (all age groups);

·         Amenorrhea – primary and secondary;

·         Nyperprolactinemia - Hyperprolactinemia

·         The Polycystic ovary syndrome;

·         Endometrial polyp;

·         Uterine fibroids;

·         Endometriosis;

·         Premenstrual syndrome;

·         Painful menstruation (algomenorrhea, dysmenorrhea);

·         Contraception;

·         Inflammatory;

·          The pathology of the uterine cervix – Cervical dysplasia;

·         Hysterosalpingography;

·         Menupausal syndrome


The Gynecological department at the Jo Ann Medical Center is headed by Dr. Eter Margalitadze –Children and adult’s Gynecologist –Endosurgery.