The JAMC’s Laboratory was founded in 1996.  It is located on the territory of the Center. The Laboratory is a full – service clinical laboratory, operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to provide quality service that includes comprehensive laboratory testing.  The Lab services can be used by patients of the Center as well as any person who wants to receive reliable laboratory findings at JAMC Laboratory.  We also have an active cooperation with partner institutions.

The Moving Lab is also operating at the Center and it can be called at home. Within this service the payment at home is free of charge and you will be able to pay only for examination fee.  

The Laboratory performs a variety of tests that play a crucial role in patient diagnoses and treatment. The Laboratory staff always provides responsive and accurate testing services.  The highest quality in testing procedures and the precision of results, our state-of-the-art technology and our cutting edge methodology gives quickly generate reliable findings that lead to accurate diagnoses. This ensures that physicians have what they need in a timely manner to best help you.

The Laboratory regularly implements the quality control ( RANDOX, INSTANT, LABQUALITY) of internal (daily), as well as external (monthly), that is confirmed by the  existing certificates.

Our Laboratory services include:

·         General Clinical and hematological examinations;

·         Clinical biochemistry;

·         Coagulation;

·         Immunology;

·         Serology;

·         Bacteriology


 Please, contact us at (+995 32) 254 00 20 for more information.

(+995) 577 54 77 50

(+995) 577 54 77 51

 (+995) 577 54 77 52

 (+995) 577 54 77 04