The psycho – social service of Jo Ann Medical Center support children and their families to reduce the stress associated with health care experiences and hospitalization, promote child and family-centered care by providing information, adequately.

We understand that health care experiences have a negative impact on patients and their families. Our goal is to address psychosocial concerns accompanying hospitalization to promote wellbeing and optimal development of children and their families. Therefore, we offer psycho –social program, which became the standard and important component of the care in many hospitals of western countries.

We serve to:

·         Prepare children for hospitalization;

·         Help understand the diagnosis and different health issues considering age, development, and individual differences of children;

·         Prepare for different treatment and diagnostic procedures;

·         Educate parents about health conditions and provide support;

·         Provide therapeutic play activities;

·         Support optimal developmental of hospitalized children


We offer:

·         Inviting and supportive environment;

·         Two play rooms which transform unfamiliar hospital into emotionally safe and child oriented environment;

·         Age and developmentally appropriate individual and group play activities.



Preparation for hospitalization and procedures

Anxiety, unfamiliarity, questions are typical reactions of persons expecting hospitalization and procedures.  Before hospitalization you are invited to get the answers to all your questions you have.

We prepare children for procedures and hospitalization using wide variety of tools and techniques to anxiety, fear, pain and strengthen personal coping skills.

Preparation is effective way, when it happens through play and child involvement. Therefore, we allow kids to play with “dangerous” and unfamiliar medical staff, which very soon transform into play and less fearful materials.

Research has shown that children who are prepared for medical procedures experience less fear and anxiety and will have better long term adjustment to medical challenges.

Parent education and emotionally support

Knowing what to expect from child helps parent to establish productive relations and positive attitudes. We offer education and emotional support to parents, families and siblings of hospitalized child to better cope with health care experience.

Therapeutic play

Our main goal is to prevent the trauma of hospitalization, health related problems and treatment procedures. We offer children therapeutic play activities to encourage express their feelings, opportunity of recovering in secure, familiar and educational environment, but especially important during hospitalization.

Developmental support

Hospitalization entails an interruption in everyday life. These experiences can inhibit children’s natural development and lead to feelings of fear and loss of control. You will be served by trained professionals – psychologists – who have a long term experiences of working with hospitalized children and their families.