Catheterization Laboratory

 The first catheterization procedure was performed at the Jo Ann University Hospital in 1999. One of the most important achievement in cardiology is endovascular catheterization that is used for the assessment and treatment of heart problems.  

This procedure made it possible to use non-surgically approach to treat certain heart defects. The malformation is corrected through a catheter or certain medical devices that is administred through the femur or other blood vessels. Catheterization permits to dilate a narrowed blood vessel and/or close a hole or such a vessel that cames a danger to a patient. For mentioned procedure, a patient usually has to spend only 2 days in the hospital. When ultrasound examination cannot give full information about a defect, additional information is received through catheterization. In case of a complex malformation catheterization may provide information that allows accurate selection of treatment methods. 

At the Jo Ann University Hospital catheterization for congenital heart defects is peeformed by Dr. Vakhtang Khelashvili, the pioneer and leading specialist in the field.