Dr. Natalia Abuashvili, radiologist, Head of the Department of Radiology.

Modern computed tomography, x-ray, radioscopy and ultrasound equipment is installed at the 

Department of Radiology of the Jo Ann University Hospital.

Highly qualified and experienced specialists will provede following service to all in- and outpatients of all age groups:

  • Computed tomography/CT;
  • CT of the head and neck;
  • CT of the chest and abdominal organs;
  • CT of the organs of small pelvis;
  • CT of the spine and bone-joint system;
  • The study is conducted with the latest 128-slice Somatum Perspective SIEMENS-2019 device, that provides:
  • high image accuracy and reconstruction quality;
  • possibility to perform a non-invasive study of heart blood vessels;
  • safety to both a patient and medical staff (radiation emission is reduced by 60%);
  • maximum comfort (the device can be adjusted even for obese patients).
  • X-ray
  • X-ray/radioscopy of the bone-joint system;
  • X-ray/radioscopy of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • X-ray of the skull and appendages;
  • X-ray/radioscopy of the chest cavity organs;
  • X-ray of the spine;
  • ysterosalpinography;
  • urethro-cystography;
  • excretory urography
  • General ultrasonography
  • ultrasound examination of the abdominal cavity and organs of the urinary system with dopplerography;
  • gynecological and obstetric ultrasound examination;
  • ultrasound examination of thyroid gland, lymph nodes, soft tissues, mammary gland;
  • Dopplerography of peripheral and trunk blood vessels