Adult Cardiology

The Department of Adult Cardiology at the Jo Ann University Hospital was opened in 2002. Along with the development of cardiac surgery in Georgia, it became necessary to harmoniously develop   therapeutic and surgical cardio services in one space. 

This approach was used at the Jo Ann University Hospital to create the basis of the adult cardiology service; different areas of cardiology were gradually united. As a result provision of  completely new type of cardiology service became possible in Georgia. Following basic principles were taken into account: 

  - Protection of patient's interests, safety of treatment, maximally guaranteed result of treatment that is proved by statistical studies:

 - Orientation to modern Western medicine, where priority is given to proven standards and protocols, and not to personal attitude, that is often subjective and based on limited data. Accordingly, the examination scheme and treatment process are strictly organized and completely based on the flowcharts and guidelines recommended by the American and European Heart Associations;

 - Continuous education, internship and re-training of  doctors and nurses, working at the Hospital, in leading European and American clinics and Universities; - Full involvement of patients in the process of their treatment - awareness of his/her diagnosis, planned diagnostic and treatment procedures, possible risks and complications.

Adult patients with such pathologies as: chronic and acute coronary syndrome, chronic and acute heart failure, arterial hypertension, arrhythmias, valvular heart defects and diseases of the heart and main blood vessels (aorta, pulmonary artery) are treated and managed at the Adult Inpatient Department of the Jo Ann University Hospital. 

Interventional cardiology works 24/7. The Adult Cardiology Department is equipped according to the modern standards with all necessary instruments, devices and medicanions. It ensures patients’ admission and provision of medical services in the continuous mode.

Highly qualified doctors of the Outpatient Department of our Adult Cardiology Service provide consultations and carry out instrumental and laboratory tests: 

  • Electrocardiography/ECG;
  • 24-hr ECG monitoring (Holter);
  • Transthoracic echocardiography;
  • 2D/3D transesophageal (intraesophageal) ultrasound examination;
  • Stress test (Treadmill);
  • Drug load test (Dobutamin stress-test);
  • 24-hr ABP monitoring;
  • Obstructive sleep apnea test.