Blood Bank

The Blood Bank at the Jo Ann University Hospital is one of the largest blood banks in the country. Modern laboratory equipment and technologies are used at the Bank. The contract was signed with the British organization "Randox laboratories Ltd" and since 2012  the Organization  has been carrying out quality control using  the RIQAS  external quality control program  (Randox International Quality Assessment Scheme). Besides, in 2017, the Blood Bank participated in a number of B-PTS (Blood Proficiency Testing Scheme) programs of the external quality control lounche by the European Council of Medical Department (EDQM).

The Jo Ann University Hospital Blood Bank was opened in 2000. It was created within the framework of the "Tbilisi - San Francisco"  Partnership Program of the American International Health Association (AIHA). Our staff consists of highly qualified personnel, most of them were trained in leading American and European blood banks.

Erythrocyte mass, freshly frozen plasma and platelet mass are prepared from donor blood. Besides, if necessary, cryoprecipitate can be prepared.

Since 2013, the Blood Bank has been conducting donor thrombocytapheresis and plasmapheresis procedures; for these procedures a special device (Haemonetics MC+) is used. During these procedures, not the whole blood, but only its specific components are taken from the donor.

Donated blood is tested for four infectious markers: human immunodeficiency virus 1, 2 (HIV 1+2); C hepatitis virus (HCV); B Hepatitis virus (HBsAg) and syphilis. For the detection of these markers, the latest automatic analyzer Abbott Architect is used.

At all stages of the production of blood components and for all processes, only the highest quality single-use materials and  the latest, high-tech equipment are used.

The Blood Bank of the Jo Ann University Hospital is currently the only one in Georgia, where blood is collected only from selfless donors. Donors are accepted 24 hours a day, both on working days and on weekends

The Blood Bank also has a delivery service.