The Anesthesia Department of the Jo Ann University Hospital provides a full range of anesthesiology services:

· Anesthesia of newborns - resuscitation;

· Pediatric anesthesia - resuscitation;

· Adult anesthesia resuscitation. 

The highly qualified team of anesthesiologists and resuscitators of Jo Ann University Hospital provides a safe and high-standard service, based on the guidelines and protocols of leading European and American clinics:

We offer anesthesia for the following surgical or interventional procedures:

· Surgery for congenital heart defects;

· Adult cardiac surgery;

· General surgery for children and adults;

· Anesthesiology for Otorhinolaryngologyinterventions;

· Anesthesiology in  a  catheterization laboratory;

· Anesthesiology  in aarrhythmology laboratory;

· Ambulatory anesthesia (transesophageal ultrasound of the heart, computed tomography study)

Our team works using high-tech and modern medical equipment and high-quality pharmaceutical preparations.